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Dear Visitor, our Honored Guest!

In the picturesque Hernád Valley, on the sunny slopes of the Cserehát Hills, in Hernádvécse, we have established a unique hotel complex incorporating the former Vécsey-Sardagna Castle, to appeal to the eye, your sense of beauty and, above all else, to your delight, pleasure and leisure.
Hotel Vécsecity is not just a hotel but an entire realm of adventures, where our guests become the residents of a special, magical world in the harmony of the past and the present. The hotel is opulent and stylish in all of its entirety, yet as you arrive for your visit, you will enjoy the same freedom you would feel at home; and if you are in the mood you can step out of your shoes and traipse barefoot in the maze of corridors, in the streets of the City, enjoying the luxury that surrounds you. Mysterious ancient objects hide in the corners, unique works of art emerge from history evoking ancient legends and telling tales of bygone centuries.

Hotel Vécsecity**** introduction

We offer the warmth of a real home, with olden home-style meals and fragrances, and crystal clear air with huge ancient trees in the park. Whether it’s a family holiday, a business trip, an elegant, festive occasion or everyday relaxing, all will find the room, event, entertainment, or sport closest to their heart, and enjoy every moment of their time spent here to the fullest.

We and our Colleagues, your Hosts, strive to ensure that you are treated not merely as hotel guests, but are also enabled to feel the vibes of the premises, sense the beauty of the surrounding natural and historic environment, and return home from your stay enriched with uforgettable memories, as dear friends who will be sure to return feeling welcome with open doors and warm hearts by us once again, at the castle city.

Your hosts

Takács Tibor és felesége Takács-Plibersek Lidija szállodánk tulajdnosai
dr. Tibor Takács & Lidija Plibersek Takács
The builder owners

Picturesque natural environment

Hernádvécse is situated in the picturesque valley of Hernád, on the sunny slopes of Cserehát north of Zemplén mountains, almost half way in between Miskolc and Kosice, by main road No.3.

Is there any chance that you have not been here?

The landscape is a less known part of the country, rich of interesting flora and fauna, and surface formations. Within reach you can find interesting tourist attractions such as the city of Kosice, the castles of Boldogkőváralja, Regéc and Füzér, the beautiful towns of Hejce, Vizsoly, the picturesque Hernád River, the Hollóházi Porcelain, Telkibánya famous of its and surface mineral resources and the Zemplén, the mountain range itself, with many castles and mansions around.

Vécsecity is in the centre of all these.

Our hotel is the place, a new starting point  to get to know this part of our country and its rich history, for a substantial relaxation and regenarating your body and soul.
A City: 800 m2-es belső tér színpaddal és 8 db kétszintes apartmannal

The City

Neo-Baroque mansion - A unique building complex

The hotel enchants its guests with its 18th century Neo-Baroque mansion atmosphere, its modern services and its fabulous natural environment. Each of the hotel‘s four wings have its own unique style and décor. The main level of the Mansion is reminiscent of an authentic Baroque atmosphere. On its upper level you are greeted by a “city enclosed in a mansion” – with apartment buildings, a promenade, a playground, a stage – built to accommodate entire families. The rooms in the two new wings have been built in the minimalart style in the Red Tower, while the rooms of the Green House welcome their occupants with interieurs radiating a civilian, cozy atmosphere created to please generations spanning from the youngest to the oldest. The combination of styles offers accommmodations with 55 guest suites ensuring a very personal experience.

Immersive experience

The special atmosphere of the hotel and conference complex offers an excellent venue not only for family holidays but, with its two large conference rooms, exhibition space, a ballroom, a restaurant for 120 people, a grill terrace, a hunters’ bar, a cozy wine cellar, several stages, and a cinema, it will be sure to serve as the best choice for corporate events, conferences and weddings as well. With its unique dining, a variety of wellness facilities, and its services related to the city attractions – Roma wax museum, interactive crafts and the tell-tale Europe Wall that helps the rediscovery of Hungary – it can rightly be called one of the most beautiful tourist paradises of the region.

Leisure, sport and equestrian programs

The mansion’s garden with its ancient trees is further enhanced with additional six hectares; this beautiful area serves to ensure a time spent worthwhile to the guests of the 55 hotel suites. The pond created in the park offers an opportunity for row boating, and active recreation is offered by the tennis courts, bicycles, beach volleyball, Nordic walking, horseback riding, carriage rides, a petting zoo, a look-out tower, sledding tracks, wellness and fitness services, and many other entertainment possibilities with cultural values for tourists.

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