Our restaurant

Our Debrecen Restaurant, with a capacity of 120 persons, provides high quality dining in a pleasant atmosphere. Our breakfast-hall, with a capacity of 48 persons, is the sunshiny scene of the first meal of the day, it has glass tables, and a display of colors and lights spice it up.
Beside our restaurant the Disznóölések tere, the “Square of Pig-Slaughters” and the Csülökcsárda, the “Tavern of Pig Knuckle” also provide an excellent venue for events, small and large family gatherings, and it offers the region’s characteristic, oven and cauldron flavors in a fascinating village environment. Our Hunter’s pub with its unique menu, as well as our exclusive breakfast-hall also provide extraordinary and unique venues for business discussions.
Of course we don’t forget about the delicious wines befitting the dishes either! In our restaurant, event-halls, and in our wine-cellar with an intimate atmosphere we welcome our Guests with the wines of the most famous Hungarian vineries and with the drinks of reputable pálinka-houses!