Relax & Sport


The wellness section of our hotel contributes to the recreation of body and spirit in a way that satisfies all demands. Theindoors unit of our wellness section – with a warm-water adventure pool and counter-flow swimming pool, steam-bath, salt-chamber, Finnish sauna, aroma and light therapy room, is reminiscent of the atmosphere of Turkish baths, while our seasonally operational outdoors pool takes real family relaxation to the highest level.

Our beauty-salon is located next to our fitness-hall, where we offer hair-styling, cosmetics services, manicure and pedicure treatments. And in our salt-tub, with a panoramic view you are guaranteed to have your skin “revitalized”!

Szauna world

Temperature: 80-100ºC / Humidity: ~15-25%

Its beneficial effects:

Finnish saunas provide the experience of a classic sauna. Their operational principle: by the effect of hot air, warmed up with a heater, the human body begins to perspire. In Finland the sauna has an over 2000 year long history. The essence of the original Finnish sauna is the adjustable temperature and humidity. The secret of the traditional sauna is steam. The quantity of steam is directly proportional to the temperature, generally 80 to 90 C degrees is ideal, but there are some people who heat up the cabin to as high as 130 C degrees. For true relaxation volatile-oils and various aromas are generally applied.

You should step into the sauna with dry skin, because this is the only way the skin can really perspire. The processes are usually separated into three 15 minute long sessions and participants take a dip in cold water or take a shower every quarter of an hour. Regular sauna use primarily plays a preventive role and it contributes to stabilizing a deteriorated state of health, the enhancement of the resistance capability of the body.

Using a sauna is particularly recommended for those suffering from:

  • Diseases with rheumatic characteristics
  • Muscle and joint diseases
  • Spinal pain (back and lower-back pain, stiff neck)
  • Joint disorders; hip and knee joint complaints, muscle stiffness
  • Cold and allergy associated illnesses, runny nose, facial cavity and other inflammations; respiratory diseases, asthma, chronic bronchitis;
  • Depression
  • Sore muscles
Temperature: 40-50ºC / Humidity: ~80-100%

Its beneficial effects:

Steam baths are distinguished from other baths by their high temperature and their level of humidity. In the case of its proper use, a steam bath efficiently relieves stress, relaxes, refreshes, it improves the general sense of physical and mental well-being.

Even though in a steam bath there are fundamentally different conditions, than in a sauna, it’s also a “perspiration chamber”, which not only has a relaxing and revitalizing effect, but is also beneficial for the health and also makes the skin more radiant.
It works most efficiently at 43 to 46 C degrees with at least 80 to 100% relative humidity. Besides being very pleasant and relaxing in the case of the proper temperature and duration, steam-bathing also has a very favorable effect of our health.

Its beneficial effects:

  • In the cases of sore throat, bad cough, cold associated complaints, asthma, bronchitis, upper respiratory symptoms, hoarseness;
  • Rheumatic complaints and joint pain, joint stiffness and sleep disorders;
  • For the reduction of muscle tension and the improvement of sensitivity to temperature changes;
  • Improvement of the skin’s blood supply, it’s excellent for dry, cracked skin, since humid and warm air promotes blood circulation in the blood vessels under the skin, it efficiently cleanses the skin, dilates pores, subsequently dead epidermis and contaminants easily exit with a little rubbing. As an effect of all these, after a steam-bath our skin feels soft, silky and clean


You can find our fitness facilities on the 1st floor of The Green House. It is equipped with the most modern cardio and fitness equipments, our guests can use our fitness facilities for free any time within opening hours.

Opening hours:

every day 9:00 am – 9:00 pm


In our massage parlor we offer various massages from full body massages to feet and face massages.
Monday – Friday: 17.00 – 22.00
Saturday – Sunday and Holidays: 08.00 – 22.00
You need to make a reservation for an appointment at our reception.

Sports and Leisure activities

Horse riding

Horse riding training with lunge (max. 1 person)2 000,- Ft / 30 min3 600,- Ft / 60 min
Horse riding in paddock2 000,- Ft / 30 min3 000,- Ft / 60 min
Horse riding training in group (max. 3 persons / group)2 000,- Ft / 30 min3 000,- Ft / 60 min
Horse riding training (max. 1 person)2 500,- Ft / 30 min3 500,- Ft / 60 min
Horse or ponyback walking between 3 and 6 years 700,- Ft / 15 min
Country riding with a trained guide
(after assessment of horse riding skills)
 3 500,- Ft / occasion
Carriage ride 7 500,- Ft / 60 min
Horse riding passes18 000,- Ft/ 10 x 30 min27 000,- Ft/ 10 x 60 min

Courts and sports equipment

Tennis 3 000.- Ft/ 60 min
Volleyball 3 000.- Ft/ 60 min
Badminton 500.- Ft/ 60 min
Football 500.- Ft/ 60 min
Table tennis 1 500.- Ft/ 60 min
Bar billiard 1 500.- Ft/ 60 min
Bike rent1 500,- Ft/ half a day (6 hours)3 000,- Ft/ all day (12 hours)
Sports equipments and courts can be rented every day between 6.00 and 21.00.
Horse riding and training is possible between 8.00 – 20.00 in summer time, and between 8.00 – 16.00 in winter time.

You need to book an appointment at our reception for all sports and leisure activities in advance.

Prices above are in Hungarian Forints and include VAT.

Programs for kids

From the tiniest to the bigger ones...

On our hotel premises you can find many places for tiny, little and bigger kids as well to have fun and make the best of their time spent in the “City enclosed in a mansion”.

The high quality services of Hotel Vécsecity**** can be enjoyed by the tiniest ones as well, since we have a so-called MinyCity playhouse in the City area especially for the 0-4 years old kids.

The bigger ones can enjoy the playhouse in the Hajdú Folk Yard, where they can find a playhouse with board games, books and other interesting games.

Our trained entertainers organize activities to entertain all generations visiting us:
  • explorer adventure program
  • Nature Tour
  • scout camp
  • beading
  • pottery
  • competitive games
  • button soccer
  • hopscotch
  • asphalt drawing contest
  • tennis training and competition
  • table tennis training and competition
  • glitter tattoo
  • face painting
  • costume contest
  • dance competition (prom king and queen draw at the end of the evening)
  • water programs (boat race)
  • kite flying
  • puppet-show
  • petting zoo, animal show (ducks, chickens, ponies, rabbits, dogs, horse show)
  • pirate adventure