Tokaj wine tour


20 minutes – recommended visit duration: 1 – 1.5 hours

Encs, the region’s center offers mostly modern attractions, with a pleasant walk in the Millennium Park or a visit to the Holy Patriarchs Greek Catholic Church carrying motifs of Byzantine style and modern architecture. Near Encs, in Gibárt the Gibárt Dam built in 1903 as one of the first on the Hernád River is located, which is now an industrial national monument. The mini power plant, still operating and contributing to the region’s power supply, is Hungary’s oldest Hungarian-built electric power-producing plant in its category. The hydroelectric power plant can be visited with prior arrangement.


25 minutes – recommended visit duration: 1 – 1.5 hours

The town with the Tokaj wine region is a World Heritage Site. Tállya was part of the Rákóczi family estate, and theRákóczi Mansion was built in the 17th century in the Baroque style. Next to it is the Baroque Maillot Castle built in the 1720’s. Built for storing the wines of the Rákóczi household was the Rákóczi Cellar, which is one of Tállya’s mysterious and intriguing, romantic monuments that extends under several protected monument buildings, crossing streets and city squares below. A statue was erected in the center of the village indicating, as some hold, that Tállya is the geographical center point of Europe.


10 minutes – recommended visit duration: 1 hour + lunch

The former Rákóczi – Aspremont Mansion is located in the village. Francis II Rákóczi built this manor house in the Baroque style for his brother-in-law Prince Aspremont’s family in 1755. The mansion was significantly remodeled in the 19th-20th centuries, but it is found in a regrettably neglected condition now.
The town synagogue was built in Baroque style in 1785 and is one of Hungary’s oldest synagogues. It is located in the heart of Mád near the Gothic Catholic Church and the Late Baroque Christian Reformed Church and represents the peaceful cohabitation for many centuries of Jews and non-Jews. The synagogue had been dangerously dilapidated by the turn of the millennium, and a concert and performance hall and conference center has been set up in it following its 2004 renovation.
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10 minutes – recommended visit duration: 1 hour

The Earl Degenfeld Castle Hotel is located in Tarcal, on the Degenfeld family’s vineyard property in the center of Terézia garden. The Andrássy Mansion of Baroque origins dates back to the 18th having undergone Neo-Classical refurbishment in the 19th century. A **** hotel opened in the building, upgraded to ***** in 2007. The Gothic Roman Catholic parish Church was built in the 15th century. It was in Christian Reformed ownership in 1562; and, unfortunately, only one of its two steeples is still in place.


10 minutes – recommended visit duration: 2 – 2.5 hours

Hungary’s most renowned, world-famous vineyard and wine country.
Although the vine cultivation and wine production has a millennium old tradition in the region, it really earned world-renown by the 17th century when, as a result of the typically late harvest and the production technology used, the presitigous delicacy of the region the Tokaji aszú rose to worldwide acknowledgement and fame. With its increasing popularity, the wine reached farther and farther corners of the world. In the court of Louis XIV it earned the prestigious title of “king of wines, wine of kings,” but it was highy favored by the court of the Tsar and the nobility of Poland as well. The Rákóczi-Dessewffy Castle, which was built in the 1700’s in Baroq style, is owned by the Hétszőlő Rt. and is the most opulent building of the town, today the center of wine production.The castle is in private ownership and so it is not open to visitors. The Rákóczi Pince (Rákóczi Cellar) was built in the beginning of the 15th century and is the most spacious and broadest underground room in Hegyalja, extending to 28 meters with a width of 10 metrs and a height of 5 meters.
The Tokaji Museum is a protected monument building preserved in its former glory, and stands as one of the townhouses on the main square in the city of Tokaj. The impressive building has been housing the permanent and temporary exhibits as a museum since 1985.

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1 hour

Total trip time: 2 hours 15 minutes
Recommended total visit duration: cca. 6 – 7.5 hours
Recommended program plan: Departure after breakfast, lunch in Mád or Tokaj, arrival back to the hotel in the early evening.