Small castle tour


5 minutes – Recommended visit duration: 30 minutes

The main attraction of the town is the Pallavicini Castle situated in its center. The Castle stands in the middle of a park with ancient trees, located on a hillside, and was built in the Neo-Classical style. The main façade of the rectangularly has two stories, while it has one story in the back, due to the castle’s topographical location on the slope of the hillside. The former owners of the castle, the Pallavicini family, are of Italian origin. The mansion was completely renovated in 2000 and is privately owned currently, operated as a castle hotel.


15 minutes – recommended visit duration: 30 minutes

The Fáy Castle was built in 1750. Originally in the Baroque style, the castle was renovated in the Neo-Classical style in the 19th century. Remains of the earlier Fáy Mansion built in 1670 can be seen in the basement of the building. A very valuable stucco relief created by Marco Cassagrande can be seen in the green room of the castle.


5 minutes – recommended visit duration: 1 hour

Szemere village already had a church in 1332, but the built in Louis XIV style in 1796 can still be seen today. Its 25-meter tower is Hungary’s only a Christian Reformed church tower on which the Hussite insignia with the covered chalice is displayed. An interesting place to visit is the Pallavicini Castle in the center of the village, which was built by the Szemere family in 1647 in the Baroque style and only became Pallavicini family’s the property in the middle of the 19th century. The castle is surrounded by a large park and in it an artificial cave with a fish pond from the time of the Szemeres.

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15 minutes

Total trip time: 40 minutes
Recommended total visit duration: cca. 2 hours
Recommended program plan: Leisurely morning/after-breakfast departure with return by lunch – or afternoon/after-lunch departure with early evening return – is recommend for lovers of olden-time castles.