Highland city tour


30 minutes – recommended visit duration: 1.5 – 2 hours

The castle now known as the Gypsy Castle was built by the Perényis, but the castle building has no ruins left: only its mote and trench are clearly visible today.
The Csáky Castle was built by the Csákys in the 18th century, in which a beautiful English garden, magnificant ponds, greenhouses, and a wildlife park can be found. A unique, impressive chapel has been built inside the castle, housing the tomb of the Csákys and interesting old pictures.


10 minutes – recommended visit duration: 30 minutes – 1 hour

It is part of Kassa (Košice) located 15 km southwest of old town. Its owners were the Semsey family in 1427, who had built a castle on the high ground rising above the village. By order of King Matthias the castle was destroyed by the residents of Košice in order to prevent it from falling into the hands of the Hussites. From the Middle Ages mills operated on the area of the village. Its most renowned attraction is the Rococo castle of the Semsey Family.
Buzinka is a small town attached to Saca, where a Zichy castle built in the 18th century in Neo-Classical style is located.


15 minutes – recommended visit duration: 4-5 hours + lunch

The Kassa Dome, that is the St. Elizabeth main cathedral, is among the most beautiful creations of Gothic architecture. A large church in the 13th century already stood at the current site of the Dome, but the three-aisled church hall was completed only in 1520, which assumed its current form between 1877 and 1896 by the design of 0Imre Steindl, when a crypt was built under the northern nave. The remains of Francis II Rákóczi, alog with those of his mother and his eldest son József Rákóczi were laid to rest here in 1906. St. Michael’s Chapel, which was once a cemetery chapel, is a Gothic artwork dating from the early 1330’s, with 17 old tombstone by its side. Some of Kassa’s more important attraction are the Orban Tower, where a permanent exhibition of the wax figures of the important historical personalities linked to the town can be seen; and the State Theatre, which was an important stage of the lives of many a Hungarian actor. The Black Eagle, which was built as an Inn and received its present appearance in 1782, and in which Sándor Petőfi also spent some time in 1845, while Mihály Tompa was a prisoner in this building, by then operating as gendarmerie station. A captivating building is the Neo-Classical styl old town hall built in 1780, and the Lőcsei House, which is Kassa’s oldest civil building still standing dating bak to the 14th century. Other attractions are the former Jesuit church, the Beggar’s House, the Andrássy Palace, the Franciscan Church, the formerPolice Chief’s House (the Bornemissza house), the Csáky Dessewfy Palace, the first County Seat Hall, theSepesi Chamber’s former headquarters, Convent of the Ursula-order nuns, the Hadik-Barkóczy Palace, the former Csáky House, the former Kátay House the Megay Henszlmann House, the Archbishop’s Palace and theForgách Palace. For lovers of the natural environment we recommended the Botanical Garden, which is one of Europe’s most significant of its kind, and for families Europe’s third largest zoo located on 292 hectares zoo, is also situated in Kassa (Košice).
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Total trip time: 1.5 hours
Recommended total visit duration: cca. 6-8 hours
Recommended program plan: Departure after breakfast, arrival back to the hotel in early evening.